Reactions is the trading name of RedBlueCat Ltd, which represents a group of future thinking experts in IT infrastructure and emerging technologies. We are a cyber security focused software development company, specialising in artificial intelligence and encryption technology.

Our focus has always been on developing unique solutions for common issues faced by organisational leaders. Reactions Perform and Reactions Intel is a multi-faceted behavioural analytics software with Artificial Intelligence at its heart.

Our expertise in Machine Learning allows for the collection and detailed analysis of employee behavioural data on your system, without increasing your attack surface. Rather than taking an algorithmic, black and white approach, our modules actively track employee performance and pinpoint any anomalous activity for further investigation.

The distribution of trusted software is vital for the security of remote devices and systems which rely on regular software updates, ensuring that the latest features and security updates are available to users. As a result, we have also developed a self-service software code signing service, helping organisations of all sizes secure their software updates released on a global scale.

Our experts are ideally placed to provide our clients with in-depth consultation, assessment and design of IT Security services, in addition to implementation and support as part of our Professional Services offering. We also have a dedicated UK based Managed Services team who can provide 24/7 support to professionally and proactivity manage IT infrastructure and security.