Reactions Perform – adappt Ltd Case Study

  • Company: adappt Ltd 
  • Industry: Digital Services 
  • Scope: International Headquarters: UK 
  • Reactions Deployment: 70+ endpoints
  • Website:

Business Problem:

Managing employee performance and activity in a dispersed and target driven environment, with multiple office locations and rapid organizational expansion.

Software Solution:

Reactions Perform - AI Powered Behavioural Analysis Tool

adappt is a software and mobile application development company with teams in England, India and Spain. We pride ourselves on our wealth of technical expertise, knowledge and innovative solutions.
adappt has enjoyed fantastic growth of the last few years and we have had the pleasure of working with some well-known brands and organizations. Our projects vary from developing software and mobile applications, to websites and advanced systems for leading corporate organizations, NGOs, Councils and SMEs.

As an organisation we have multiple offices worldwide and have been rapidly expanding both our workforce and service offering. The customised and highly responsive service we provide our clients means that all our various teams need to work as efficiently as possible. Having full visibility and valuable, actionable reports for our overall management and strategic planning is vital. In terms of solutions, we did not want an intrusive monitoring solution, like many traditional cyber security tools currently available on the market

Our Goals

  • Motivated and productive team members across our global office locations
  • Ability to cascade strategic objectives to our employees in metrics and targets, promoting transparency and teamwork
  • Gain a better understanding how to support employee productivity across the working day, avoiding peaks and troughs of activity
  • Support employee wellbeing and motivation in a fast-moving KPI environment
  • Understanding how employees work towards key delivery dates to help avoid burnout and maintain the quality of work our customers expect
  • Collect advanced performance data for board level reports and strategic goals
  • Capability to reward good performance and address under performance with a dedicated training and support plan

Our Challenges

  • Creating relevant individual and team KPIs which support our overall performance goals
  • Managing employees in multiple locations
  • Promoting engagement and communication
  • Ensuring data security without compromising on efficiency or productivity
  • Protecting highly sensitive client data and our own intellectual property
  • Maintaining our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications
  • Supporting increased visibility of employee activity and performance without compromising privacy
  • Identifying high achievers and those who require extra training
  • Adopting a behavioural and productivity analysis solution which will scale as we grow
  • Finding a cost effective, scalable and non-intrusive solution

‘In terms of ROI, the Reactions software has been, by far, our highest returning initiative over the last two years.’’
Nazir Ahmed, CTO @ adappt

Looking Ahead

As an organisation that has grown its workforce and client base very quickly, the Reactions Perform software has been integral in helping us achieve full visibility of our global operations. This clarity has enabled streamlining and cost saving initiatives to be implemented as part of our overall business transformation. The result is a 30% increase in our overall productivity since the implementation - a figure we hope to improve on further.

Going forward we are planning to expand our use of the Reactions software with the Intel Module which will support our information security initiatives and active threat intelligence from within our network. With Reactions, we know we have a solution which can respond to evolving threats and is scalable to our organisation.