The risk from insider threats is not limited to competitive industries with valuable intellectual property, or organisations handling highly sensitive customer data. All organisations, regardless of industry, company size or location, are at risk of losing data through inadvertent or malicious user behaviour.

28% of breaches accessed in the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report involved insiders. In addition, the annual average cost of insider related incidents in 2018 is reported at $8.76 million (Ponemon Institute).

Enhanced consumer power over their data and increased financial impacts for data breaches, has heighted the need for threat detection systems. Reactions Intel is our advanced threat detection tool which utilises machine learning to analyse huge volumes of user activity data, detecting behavioural anomalies which can indicate unauthorised activity.

Key Features

  • Monitor high risk insiders with detailed behavioural analysis
  • Scheduled and triggered screen capture for enhanced monitoring
  • Audio capture for VoIP and conference calls
  • Behavioural risk scoring linked to escalation flags
  • File activity monitoring, resource access and data movement
  • Privileged user tracking and auditing
  • Real time education and awareness training
  • Alerts for incident response and investigations
  • Actionable insights that drive threat intelligence
  • Customised reports

Intelligent Monitoring and Escalation

Reactions Intel utilises unsupervised learning to analyse and expose suspect behaviour which could indicate a negligent employee, a malicious insider or when credentials have been stolen. Rather than relying on static protocols to access user behaviour which can generate high levels of false positives, Reactions Intel utilises an escalating threat protocol. User behavioural triggers are used to accelerate monitoring, including screen capture every second and audio capture for calls.

Privileged User Activity

Your privileged users have legitimate access to restricted information and control of various systems as part of their job role. But what happens when your trusted users become malicious insiders? Simply tracking usage within these accounts is not enough, as the nuances between legitimate and illegitimate behaviour are hard to detect in a stream of behavioural data. Reactions Intel utilises unsupervised learning to provide detailed analysis into user behaviour, disseminating information to uncover anomalies.

Contractor Visibility

Understanding the activity of your consultants, vendors and partners who have access to your internal systems is vital in protecting data. Reactions Intel operates in stealth mode as standard, however for your contractors we have a freelance mode, ideal for users on their own devices.

Compliance and Corporate Policy

Effectively audit and investigate any policy infringements within your organisation with user monitoring. Reactions Intel provides full visibility into policy and rule violations by each user. By understanding the frequency and context of these contraventions, tailored training can be offered, or additional investigation can be prompted.

Reactions Intel can also support your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance initiatives with full user behaviour auditing and data movement tracking. In addition, the rapid detection of potential data security threats and extensive auditing ability, assist in preventing and mitigating the wide-reaching effects of data breaches.