What is Reactions?

Reactions is a multi-faceted User Behavioural Analytics software with Artificial Intelligence at its heart. Reactions enables full organisational visibility within the modern workplace, utilising dedicated modules designed to tackle the common issues faced by organisational leaders.

User Behavioural Analytics

User Behavioural Analytics (UBA) focuses on collecting and analysing user data to establish patterns of behaviour. The collection of this data has various applications within the workplace including dynamic employee performance measurement and key performance indicator (KPI) analysis.

Organisations looking to increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line can benefit from the enhanced analysis of one of their greatest assets – their employees. The effectiveness of employee performance management depends on the analysis of detailed behavioural data against key organisational KPIs.

From an information security perspective, UBA can ensure security teams are alerted to gradual or sudden changes in employee behaviour which could indicate an insider threat.

UBA can proactively monitor sensitive and identify potential and active malicious insiders, compromised credentials as well as common behavioural traits which indicate a lack of awareness of security policy.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is an area of computer science which focuses on creating intelligent machines which have similar comprehension and awareness as humans.

It is important to distinguish between black and white algorithmic AI and actual Deep Learning Neural Networks. Unsupervised machine learning is a subset of AI, where advanced Neural Networks can assimilate and analyse vast amounts of data, continuously learning over a set period. A trained Neural Network can easily detect patterns, trends and even predict future events.

AI is particularly valuable when considering UBA, as the sheer volume of user activity data generated each day makes it impossible for it to be processed and analysed by humans.

What does Reactions do?

There are two versions of Reactions available. One is a dedicated performance and productivity module called Reactions Perform. The other is a complete performance and security solution called Reactions Intel which contains all features of the software in one module.

Behavioural Analytics for Productivity Analysis

Employee Performance Monitoring is a crucial component in the overall management of an organisation, allowing managers to visualise, then optimise employee activity and performance. In a world where remote and co-located working is increasingly common, achieving full visibility without compromising employee privacy is a key issue for organisational leaders. 

The Reactions dashboard contains complete information on your employees’ activity throughout the working day, including websites and application activity, as well as the number of keystrokes and clicks throughout the day. This information can paint an accurate picture of employee behaviour, allowing for the measurement and improvement of productivity.

Behavioural Analytics for Insider Threat Detection The meaningful analysis of detailed user activity data requires the computational power of AI. Reactions software utilises unsupervised learning to quantify, analyse and report on employee daily activity, baselining and classifying behaviour against job role and department.

This information reveals any anomalous user behaviour which falls outside of user job role, department or scheduled work hours. User activity flags and any rule violations are also clearly displayed, supporting further investigation and action. The ability to detect even the subtlest changes in employee behaviour activity enables organisations to quickly investigate and isolate any security events.

Reactions ensures that support teams are not inundated with false positives, as all alerts provide actionable context to administrators. This assists in the early detection of a negligent employee, a malicious insider or compromised credentials. Faster incident detection can reduce the overall cost of a data breach, as well as reduce the impact on company brand and reputation amongst consumers.

How does Reactions do it?

Reactions is powered by user behaviour data. Reactions collects user activity data during the implementation phase to train the Neural Network on baseline employee behaviour. From this, detailed reports are generated on a centralised dashboard, allowing for the full visualisation of organisational activities and information security.

While incredibly powerful, Reactions is an equally lightweight endpoint which runs securely in the background on your corporate endpoints.