Do you have safeguards in place to prevent unauthorised access to confidential documentation or files? Are you able to pinpoint anomalous activities on your corporate network such as an insider attack or identify compromised security credentials in real-time? Do you have full visibility into your employee performance and productivity?

Increased connectivity and availability of information assets, to a wide audience of permanent and contract staff, can leave organisations vulnerable to breaches. While not all internal breaches are malicious in nature, it is an unfortunate reality that your employees can represent a significant threat to security.

Reactions utilises Deep Learning to drive valuable insights into these potential and active threats. Our Advanced Neural network algorithms categorise complex user data, allowing for the system to learn your employees’ behavioural patterns. Any abnormal or suspect behaviour outside of these baselines can easily be detected and escalated to your support team or integrated with your existing SIEM solution.

All alerts provide actionable context to system administrators, assisting in the early detection of data exposure, data loss or an active insider threat.

Activity and Department Classification

Actively manage a distributed workforce with detailed user activity information. Map employee activity to their specified job role to identify issues in resource allocation and access.

Data Loss Prevention

Data tagging improves the classification of sensitive documents and helps prevent data loss, supporting Risk Management and Compliance. Understand the movement of data with file transfer activity visibility

Anomaly detection

Baseline employee behaviour with unsupervised learning to detect anomalous behaviour and potential threats, including compromised credentials, malicious insider or negligent employees

Report and Alerts

Contextual active alerts allow for a fast response to potential security incidents whilst reducing false positives.

Customisable Control

Reporting functionality can be restricted to specific job roles or seniority level. Intel can also seamlessly integrate with your existing SIEM solution.