Employee Performance Monitoring is a crucial component in the overall management of an organisation, allowing managers to visualise, then optimise employee activity and performance. In a world where remote and co-located working is increasingly common, achieving full visibility without compromising employee privacy is a key issue for organisational leaders.

Organisations looking to increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line can benefit from the enhanced analysis of one of their greatest assets – their employees. The effectiveness of employee performance management depends on the analysis of detailed behavioural data against key organisational KPIs. Finding the synergy between these two entities across a global or dispersed workforce can be a significant challenge.

Reactions Perform is purpose built to solve this problem, providing detailed analysis and evaluation of employees to organisational leaders, whilst remaining highly scalable. By utilising Advanced Neural network algorithms, our software can capture detailed employee activity insight, including active hours and activity classifications. The Neural Network additionally categorises and condenses the complex data into a centralised dashboard and actionable reports which can easily be downloaded.

Activity and Department Classification

Our keystroke counter tracks your employees’ active hours at work, as well as web and application activity, providing detailed reports on individuals and their departments.

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Detailed, Actionable Reports

Includes dynamic employee performance measurement and KPI analysis, providing actionable insight into productivity and efficiency.

Centralised Dashboard

Gain complete visibility into your organisation’s daily operations and customise managerial views, as well as privacy and security controls.

GDPR and Employee Privacy

Our sensitive query filters prevent the logging of sensitive information, ensuring that employee privacy and information security is not compromised.

Lightweight software, big impact

Perform runs securely in the background on corporate computers, with a negligible demand on CPU. The downloadable and editable reports provide invaluable insight for department heads.